How to build an open and closed electric circuit model for your science project or exhibitions with explanation

In this topic, we are going to show you how to build an open and closed electric circuit model for your science project or exhibitions.


Open circuit and closed circuit basically shows the flow of electricity through the circuit.

Open circuit and closed circuit

The most popular use of electricity is the use of electric current for the operation of electric lighting.

A battery has two conductive points named as positive and negative one for current to enter and other for current to exit.

Electric lamp circuit is connected to a source of voltage.

A tiny metal called “filament” inside of a clear glass bulb of electric lamp glows white-hot with heat energy when there are sufficient electric current passes through it.

When current flows through thin metal filament of lamp it gets the opposition to the motion in comparison to a thick piece of wire.

This means that opposition to electric current mainly depends on the type of material, temperature, and its cross-section area

It is technically called as resistance. It is worth to note that insulators have high resistance whereas conductors have high resistance.

Amount of current through the circuit with a given amount of voltage supplied by the battery is restricted by this resistance with respect to short circuit which happens when one end of the voltage source to another end.

Whenever current moves in the opposite direction with respect to resistance then friction will be generated.

The friction that is produced by current flowing against resistance results in the formation of heat.

Hence in the filament of a lamp, this concentrated resistance helps in generation of a large amount of heat energy which gets dispatched to the filament.

Heat energy helps filament to glow white-hot resulting in the generation of light whereas wires which help in connecting the lamp to the battery does not get warmer when conducting the same amount of current.

However, in case of short-circuit, the continuous flow of current in the circuit is broken at a given point and current flow stops throughout the circuit which in turns to no lamp glowing.

open circuit

When there is no flow of current, the voltage of the battery will be available at break waiting for the connection to get established across the break and permit flow of current again hence this condition is called as “open” circuit.


Once breaks are connected again and continuous flow of electricity is restored in the circuit then it is called a “closed” circuit.

Open and Closed Circuit Working Model School Science Project Step by Step Video

In this video, we will show you the following steps and items that can be used to build an open and closed electric circuit model at home by taking help freely from your parents.

Materials Used to Do an Experiment of Open and Closed Circuit

⦁ Battery
⦁ Led bulbs
⦁ Color Wires
⦁ Pin

Prepare for Science Fair Questions & Answers – Open and Closed Circuit

  • What is an example of a closed circuit?
    Example of the closed circuit is a series of electric wires connected to each other forming a circuit.
  • What are the effects of short circuit?
    Short-circuit results in excessive heating which causes fire or explosion.
  • What causes an open circuit?
    Any interruption in the flow of current due to open switch, wire breaking will cause current to cease.


Open and close circuit model basically helps us to understand the flow of current.

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