How to Make Earthquake detector alarm science working model – DIY – with explanation

earthquake detector alarm working model

Introduction of earthquake alarm

In this topic, we are going to show you how to build an earthquake detector working model for your science project or exhibitions.

An instrument used to detect and measure motions of ground due to seismic waves coming from earthquake or volcanic eruption or a powerful explosion is called seismometer or seismometer.

Importance of earthquake alarm

Nowadays thousands of such instruments are deployed in key places around the world

These devices are used to keep watch and gather data which are analyzed by seismologists to better understand how an earthquake works however still it is difficult to predict earthquakes.

A Chinese astronomer, mathematician, engineer named Zhang Heng first invented seismometer in China in 132 AD.

The instrument was designed to resemble like a wine jar which was six feet in diameter with eight dragons positioned face down along the outside of the barrel marking primary compass directions.

Each dragon’s mouth had a small bronze ball while beneath dragons sat eight bronze toads with their mouths opened and ready to receive the balls.

Whenever instrument detects an incoming seismic wave, one of the balls would drop from dragon’s mouth and that sound would alert observers to the earthquake and giving a rough indication of an earthquake’s direction of origin.

This device was said to be very accurate and would detect earthquakes from far and would not rely on shaking or movement in a location where this instrument was placed.

The first earthquake was recorded using this seismograph in the east. It was filled with a sensing mechanism of some sort and contents of which have been lost over a period of time.

China built a replica of Zhang’s seismoscope in 2005 by estimating the content of inner mechanism using technology that was available in Zhengzhou.

It was used to detect simulated earthquake waves from four different real-life earthquakes in China and Vietnam and detected them correctly.

Advantages of earthquake alarm

The device which you are developing an earthquake detector help you wake up and alert the moment of the quake and move towards the safer side.

Step by Steps to Make Earthquake Detector Model

In this video, we will show you how to make an earthquake detector model simple steps by steps using the waste materials available at home. This earthquake alarm can be developed for home usage.

This would help the students to develop their working earthquake alarm science project for the exhibition

Waste Materials Used to Make Earthquake Detector Model

  • Card Board
  • Screw
  • Nail
  • Sketch Pen
  • Copper
  • GM Alarm
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Waste Boxes to get cardboard

Questions & Answers on how to Make an Earthquake Detector Model

  1. What is an earthquake detector called?
    Earthquake detectors are called as seismometer or seismoscope which is basically used to detect and measure motions of the ground caused due to seismic waves from an earthquake.
  2. Where is the safest place to be during an earthquake?
    Under a table is the safest place to be during an earthquake.
  3. How does earthquake detector work?
    Detector helps by detecting the earth’s initiation via primary wave energy radiating from its center. It moves faster in comparison to secondary waves and causes most damage ground movements.
  4. What is the use of earthquake alarm?
    Earthquake early warning (EEW) systems alert devices and people while shaking waves which are generated from the earthquake and are expected to arrive at their location.
  5. Who made the first earthquake detector?
    Zhang Heng over the 2000 year ago made an earthquake detector.

Conclusion of earthquake detector alarm

Earthquake detector basically helps to alarm human beings from an upcoming earthquake so that we can take some precautionary action to prevent both human lives and extensive damage to property.

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