How to Make Gandhi Charkha (spinning wheel) project using cardboard

Creating a DIY Gandhi Charkha (spinning wheel) project using cardboard can be a great way to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making a circular Charkha using cardboard:

Materials Needed:

  1. Cardboard sheets
  2. Colored paper (optional for decoration)
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue or adhesive
  5. Markers or pens (for detailing)
  6. Thread or yarn
  7. Toothpicks or small wooden sticks (for the spindle)
  8. Compass (for drawing circles)
  9. Ruler (for precise measurements)
  10. Brass fasteners (split pins) or small nails (for rotating mechanism)
  11. Decorative items (optional, like beads or glitter)

Step by Step Video Instructions:

1. Prepare the Base and Stand:

  • Base: Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard to serve as the base of your Charkha. Make sure it’s large enough to support the wheel and stand.
  • Stand Legs: Cut two rectangular strips from the cardboard for the legs. Fold each strip into a triangular shape to provide stability.

2. Create the Spinning Wheel:

  • Drawing the Wheel: Use a compass to draw two large circles on a piece of cardboard. One will be for the front of the wheel, and one for the back. Make them identical in size.
  • Wheel Structure: Cut out both circles carefully. Draw and cut out smaller circles or triangular shapes within the large circles to create the spokes of the wheel.
  • Connecting the Wheels: Use small strips of cardboard to create a 3D effect by spacing the two large circles about 1 inch apart. Glue the strips around the edge to form the thickness of the wheel.
  • Decorate the Wheel: Cover the wheel with colored paper or paint it. You can add details using markers to mimic the traditional Charkha.

3. Create the Spindle:

  • Spindle Preparation: Take a toothpick or small stick and wrap it with colored paper or paint it. Insert it through the center of the wheel.
  • Spindle Support: Use small pieces of cardboard to create a support structure for the spindle. Ensure it is stable and allows the wheel to spin freely.

4. Assemble the Charkha:

  • Attach the Stand Legs: Glue the triangular stand legs to the base, positioning them to support the spindle and wheel at a comfortable height for spinning.
  • Attach the Wheel: Insert the spindle through the supports, ensuring it fits snugly but allows the wheel to spin.
  • Rotation Mechanism: Use brass fasteners or small nails to attach the spindle to the supports, enabling the wheel to rotate.

5. Add Thread:

  • Thread Attachment: Wrap a piece of thread or yarn around the spindle and across the wheel to simulate the spinning process.
  • Detailing: Use markers or pens to add additional details on the wheel and stand, such as lines to represent the threads on the wheel.

6. Tricolor Decorations:

  • Saffron, White, and Green Paper: Incorporate the tricolor theme by adding small strips or shapes of saffron, white, and green colored paper to the base, wheel, and stand.
  • Optional Decorations: Add beads, glitter, or other decorative items to enhance the appearance of your Charkha.

Final Assembly and Display:

  1. Assembly: Ensure all parts are securely glued and the wheel can spin freely on the spindle.
  2. Labels: Create a small label that reads “Gandhi Charkha” and attach it to the base.
  3. Display: Place your finished Charkha craft in a prominent location where it can be admired during Gandhi Jayanti celebrations.

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