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Algebraic expressions are mathematical expressions that consist of variables, constants, and mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponentiation. These expressions use letters (variables) to represent unknown quantities and can be evaluated or simplified based on the given values of the variables.

Here are some examples of algebraic expressions:

  1. Simple Linear Expression: 3x + 5 This expression has a variable “x,” a constant term “5,” and is being multiplied by 3 and then added to 5.
  2. Quadratic Expression: 2x^2 – 3x + 1 This expression contains a variable “x” raised to the power of 2 (quadratic term), a linear term “-3x,” and a constant term “1.”
  3. Fractional Expression: (1/2)x – 3 This expression has a variable “x” multiplied by 1/2 and then subtracted by 3.
  4. Exponential Expression: 2^(x+1) This expression has a variable “x” plus 1 in the exponent and is being raised to the power of 2.

Algebraic expressions are used to represent various mathematical relationships and are a fundamental concept in algebra. They allow us to describe patterns, solve equations, and model real-world problems.

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Step by Step video instructions on making of algebraic expressions working model

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