How to make Air pressure experiments with PLASTIC BOTTLE & Candle science project


In this topic, we are going to show you how water level slowly rises inside the plastic bottle with a candle lit inside it at home for your science project or exhibitions.

This homemade science experiment is done using waste plastic bottle and lighted candle inside the bottle which is easily available at home at low cost.

candle and water experiment procedure

Air pressure experiment works with a plastic bottle and candle.

First take a tumbler and place a small candle inside it.

Fill in the tumbler with approximately ½ to 1 cup of the amount of colored water, and then set your candle on the tumbler.

Light your candle, then place the open-ended plastic bottle on top of the lit candle inside the tumbler in upside down position.

After some time water level slowly starts to rise inside the bottle as the candle continues to burn.

Finally, all the colored water inside the tumbler gets inside the plastic bottle.

candle and water experiment explanation

As we watch, the candle goes out and all of the water is sucked up into the plastic bottle.

The water rises! Temperature rises as the candle burned inside the plastic bottle but as the flame weakened the temperature drops.

Now the candle went out and the water started climbing.

A strong vacuum was created inside the plastic bottle that it sucked up all the water and even created bubbles as it sucked in the air too once it had pulled in all the water from the tumbler.

Step by Step candle and water experiment video

In this video we will show steps by step video instructions on how to get an egg inside the plastic bottle at home easy way.

Materials Used for candle and water experiment

Materials used in this video are show below to build Air pressure with plastic bottle and candle working model at home by taking help of your parents.

  • Plastic bottle
  • Colored water
  • Tumbler to hold a candle
  • Candle
  • Matchbox

Questions & Answers on candle and water experiment

1. What happens when you put a plastic bottle over a candle?

When a candle is lit inside the plastic bottle, it draws oxygen from the air in order to continue burning.

Finally, candle’s flame eventually goes out once it uses up all the oxygen available inside the plastic bottle.

2. Why does water rise when you put something in it?

Water is an incompressible fluid, when the fluid is displaced by the object; it can no longer fit into the reduced volume and has to go somewhere else.

3. Why did the flame go out when you put a plastic bottle over the candle?

When the candle burns inside the plastic bottle, it pushes the oxygen and other molecules in the air out.

When oxygen is pushed away from the candle wick, it can’t react with the wax anymore and hence it makes the flame go out.

4. Do candles put toxins in the air?

Yes, smoke emission from paraffin candles contains many toxins.


Air pressure with plastic bottle working model demonstrates to students, what happens to a flame as it runs out of oxygen

Also how a rapid temperature change can create a vacuum by altering the air pressure inside the plastic bottle and as well as how to make it with easily available materials at home.

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