how to make agriculture working model science project

In this post I will be explaining the simple way of implementing the agriculture working model

Creating a simple agriculture working model using a plastic tray with plants and a water tray to pump water to the plants can be a fun and educational project.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set it up:

Materials Needed:

  1. Plastic Tray for Plants: This will hold the soil and plants.
  2. Water Tray: This will hold the water and be placed below the plant tray.
  3. Submersible Water Pump: Small and low-power pump suitable for small-scale projects.
  4. Tubing: Flexible plastic tubing to connect the pump to the plant tray.
  5. Soil: Suitable for the type of plants you are growing.
  6. Plants or Seeds: Choose plants that are suitable for your model.
  7. Power Supply for Pump: Ensure it matches the specifications of your pump.
  8. Timer (optional): To automate the watering process.
  9. Supporting Structure: To hold the plant tray above the water tray.

Step by Step Video Instructions:

1. Set Up the Trays:

  • Plant Tray: Fill the plastic tray with soil and plant your seeds or seedlings.
  • Water Tray: Place this tray below the plant tray. Ensure the plant tray is elevated using a supporting structure so that the water can be pumped up from the water tray.

2. Install the Water Pump:

  • Place the submersible water pump inside the water tray.
  • Connect one end of the tubing to the outlet of the pump.

3. Set Up the Watering System:

  • Lay the tubing along the top of the plant tray, ensuring it reaches all plants.
  • You may want to poke small holes along the tubing to create a drip irrigation system, ensuring water is evenly distributed.

4. Connect the Pump:

  • Attach the power supply to the pump. If you are using a timer, connect the pump to the timer to control the watering schedule.

5. Test the System:

  • Fill the water tray with water.
  • Turn on the pump and check the water flow through the tubing to ensure it reaches all parts of the plant tray.
  • Adjust the tubing and pump settings if necessary.

How to Make Simple Agriculture working model?

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