50 eco friendly project ideas for school exhibition

In this post I have given you the list of 50 eco-friendly project ideas suitable for a school exhibition:

eco friendly science project model (solar - wind energy model science exhibition)
eco friendly science project model (solar – wind energy model science exhibition)

Solar-Powered Charger: Create a portable charger that uses solar energy to charge electronic devices.

Upcycled Fashion: Design and showcase clothing or accessories made from upcycled materials.

Waste Sorting Game: Develop an interactive game that teaches players how to properly sort different types of waste.

Vertical Garden: Build a vertical garden using recycled containers to show how plants can be grown in limited spaces.

Bike-Powered Generator: Create a system that generates electricity by pedaling a stationary bike.

Composting Demonstration: Set up a composting station to educate visitors about the benefits of composting.

Plastic-Free Challenge: Document a personal journey of avoiding single-use plastics for a certain period and share the results.

Renewable Energy Models: Build models of wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, and solar panels to explain renewable energy sources.

Sea Wave Electricity Generator

Bee-Friendly Habitat: Construct a bee-friendly garden with native plants that attract pollinators.

Recycled Paper Making: Show the paper-making process using recycled materials.

Rainwater Harvesting System: Display a model of a rainwater harvesting system to conserve water.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: Create natural cleaning products and explain their benefits over traditional chemicals.

Energy-Efficient Home Design: Design a model of an energy-efficient home with features like proper insulation and solar panels.

ecofriendly house model

Reusable Shopping Bags: Design and decorate reusable shopping bags to promote reducing plastic bag usage.

Food Waste Reduction Campaign: Develop a campaign to educate about reducing food waste through meal planning and composting.

Hydroponic Garden: Showcase a hydroponic garden demonstrating how plants can grow without soil.

Sustainable Transportation Poster: Create an informative poster showcasing eco-friendly transportation options like cycling, walking, and public transport.

transportation model

Ocean Pollution Awareness: Display a mock-up of an ocean scene with plastic pollution to raise awareness about marine conservation.

E-Waste Art Installation: Craft an art piece using old electronic waste to highlight the issue of e-waste.

Renewable Energy Infographics: Design infographics explaining the benefits and functioning of solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.

Edible Gardens: Set up mini-gardens of edible plants like herbs and lettuce to promote home gardening.

Energy-Saving Appliances: Compare energy consumption of standard appliances versus energy-efficient models.

Air Quality Monitor: Build a simple air quality monitor to show the importance of clean air.

Solar Oven: Construct a solar-powered oven and cook simple snacks using solar energy.

DIY Beeswax Wraps: Make and display beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap.

Sustainable Art Sculptures: Create sculptures from recycled materials to demonstrate the artistic potential of waste.

Wildlife Habitat Restoration: Document efforts to restore a local wildlife habitat through cleanup and planting.

No-Meat Day Campaign: Promote reducing meat consumption and its environmental benefits through a campaign.

Renewable Energy Working Models: Build working models of solar-powered cars, wind turbines, or hydroelectric generators.

dam working model

Energy Audit of School: Conduct an energy audit of the school building and suggest energy-saving measures.

Biodegradable Seed Starters: Create seed starters from biodegradable materials like paper pulp.

Reusable Water Bottle Campaign: Encourage using reusable water bottles through engaging visuals and information.

Green Roof Model: Design and display a model of a green roof to illustrate its insulation and cooling effects.

Bamboo Crafts: Showcase various crafts made from sustainable bamboo materials.

Nature Photography Exhibit: Display captivating photographs of local flora and fauna to connect people with nature.

Renewable Energy DIY Kits: Develop DIY kits that demonstrate how to build mini renewable energy systems.

Trash-to-Treasure Art: Craft artistic pieces from discarded items, highlighting creative ways to reuse.

Electricity Usage Display: Showcase a real-time display of electricity usage to raise awareness about energy conservation.

Awareness Posters: Design eye-catching posters that inform about eco-friendly practices and their impact.

Solar Water Heater Model: Build a model to demonstrate how solar energy can be used for water heating.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Designs: Create alternative packaging designs that minimize waste and are biodegradable.

DIY Cloth Napkins: Make cloth napkins as a sustainable alternative to paper napkins.

Renewable Energy Videos: Produce short videos explaining renewable energy concepts and technologies.

Invasive Species Awareness: Educate about the negative impact of invasive species on local ecosystems.

Low-Impact Camping Gear: Showcase camping equipment designed for minimal environmental impact.

Waste Reduction Sculptures: Craft sculptures depicting the effects of waste on the environment.

DIY Wind Chimes: Create wind chimes from recycled materials to demonstrate creative upcycling.

Local Farmers Market Initiative: Develop a plan to promote local farmers markets and their benefits.

Water Pollution Simulation: Set up a simulation showing the effects of water pollution on aquatic life.

Sustainable Energy Board Game: Design an educational board game centered around renewable energy concepts.

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