10 science projects using recycled materials

Using recycled materials for science projects is a fantastic way to promote sustainability and creativity.

Here are 10 science project ideas that involve recycled materials:

Digestive System Using Recycled Materials : Create your digestive system using old bottles , pipes etc

human digestive model making using waste materials diy

Plastic Paper Greenhouse: Build a mini greenhouse using plastic paper as the building blocks. Observe how temperature and humidity differ inside the greenhouse.

mini green house working model

Recycled Village model : Make village model using waste materials such as paper, plastic etc. .

Village model

Recycled Material Solar Oven: Construct a solar oven using recycled materials and test its ability to harness solar energy for cooking.

solar cooker or oven

CD wall decor : Repurpose old CD cases to create a small wall decor .

Recycled Material Water Filter: Build a water filtration system using recycled materials like sand, gravel, and cloth. Test its effectiveness in purifying water.

water purifier using waste bottles

Recycled Bottle Hydroponics: Design a hydroponic system using plastic bottles, exploring plant growth in a soilless environment.

Hydroponic farming working model (vertical farming)

Recycled Materials Wind Turbine: Construct a miniature wind turbine using recycled materials and explore renewable energy generation.

wind turbine

Recycled Material Boat Floatation: Design and build boats using recycled materials and test their buoyancy and stability in water.

Recycled Material Kinetic Sculpture: Build a kinetic sculpture that moves with the wind or other energy sources using recycled materials.

Wind turbine energy

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