School Science Exhibition Models

What is science exhibitions

A science exhibition in schools is the competition to showcase or exhibit or present their learnings in the form of models (non-working or working) such as reports, display boards or working models.

Science exhibition is conducted for LKG to K12 to showcase the learnings in the science.

Why Science Exhibition or Advantages or Benefits of Science Exhibition?

For each grade students as learning activities, they will take one topic and work on it by doing the research on their own in the stipulated time. Apart from understanding the science topics it also gives the students to gets the creativity, mingle with other students, improve the communication skills

What is the science exhibition model?

Science exhibition models can come in many shapes, sizes and styles that engage the students to learn the science, understand the science knowledge and develop the small system to showcase their learning on the given science topic.

I will try to give some of the examples of science models that help you to understand the concept

1.Model for motions of the sun, moon, and earth
2.Model of eclipses
3.Acid Rain Model
4.Water cycle model
5.Solar System Model

What is good science model ?

Science model is a model which is called a good science model when we are able to explain everything using that model or prototypes

What is roles of science models in science exhibition?

The main role of these science models is for visualizing the system created from the learnings For eg. DNA model, Animal Cell Model


What is the science exhibition working model?


In this student is a showcase or exhibiting science learning in the form of working simple and easy to develop prototypes on the given science topics. I could list some of the working models

Traffic signal working model for school science exhibition project

How to build an open and closed electric circuit model for your science project or exhibitions

Water dispenser science project working model for school science exhibition diy easily

ATM Working Model [Coin Vending Machine] for school science exhibition From Cardboard – DIY

Respiratory system working model school science project step by step