how to make hydroponic farming working model for science exhibition

In this post I will be writing on how to make hydroponic farming working model for science exhibition at home very easy diy for inspire award science project

Creating a hydroponic farming working model using plastic trays, pipes, a DC water pump, and plants is a fantastic project to understand soilless farming. Here’s a detailed guide on how to set up a simple hydroponic system:

Materials Needed:

  1. Plastic Trays: Two trays – one for the plants and one for the nutrient solution reservoir.
  2. DC Water Pump: Small pump to circulate the nutrient solution.
  3. Pipes/Tubing: To carry water from the reservoir to the plants and back.
  4. Net Pots: To hold the plants.
  5. Growing Medium: Like clay pellets or rock wool to support the plants.
  6. Nutrient Solution: Water mixed with essential nutrients for the plants.
  7. Power Supply: Compatible with the DC pump.
  8. Timer (optional): To automate the pump operation.
  9. Supporting Structure: To hold the trays and pipes.
  10. Drill: To make holes in the trays and pipes.
  11. Silicone Sealant: To seal any leaks.

Step by Step Video Instructions:

1. Prepare the Plant Tray:

  • Drill holes in the plant tray to fit the net pots. The holes should be spaced to allow each plant enough room to grow.
  • Insert the net pots into the holes. Ensure they fit snugly.

2. Set Up the Reservoir Tray:

  • Place the second plastic tray below the plant tray. This will serve as the nutrient solution reservoir.

3. Install the Water Pump:

  • Place the DC water pump inside the reservoir tray.
  • Connect the tubing to the pump’s outlet. This tube will carry the nutrient solution to the plant tray.

4. Arrange the Piping:

  • Route the tubing from the pump to the plant tray, ensuring it can deliver the nutrient solution to all net pots.
  • Drill small holes in the tubing above each net pot to allow the nutrient solution to drip into the growing medium.
  • Install a return pipe or tube from the plant tray back to the reservoir tray, allowing excess nutrient solution to flow back into the reservoir.

5. Set Up the Growing Medium:

  • Fill the net pots with the chosen growing medium (clay pellets, rock wool, etc.).
  • Plant the seedlings or seeds in the growing medium.

6. Connect the Power Supply:

  • Connect the DC water pump to a power supply. Ensure the connections are secure and safe.
  • If using a timer, set it up to control when the pump turns on and off, ensuring a consistent flow of the nutrient solution.

7. Fill the Reservoir:

  • Mix the nutrient solution according to the instructions and fill the reservoir tray.

8. Test the System:

  • Turn on the pump and check the flow of the nutrient solution through the tubing.
  • Ensure the solution is evenly distributed to all net pots and that the excess solution flows back to the reservoir.


This simple hydroponic farming model effectively demonstrates how plants can be grown without soil, using a nutrient-rich water solution. It’s an excellent educational tool for understanding hydroponic systems and the basics of soilless agriculture.

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