geothermal energy power plant working model science project for exhibition

Geothermal energy is a renewable and sustainable form of energy that harnesses the heat from the Earth’s interior to generate electricity or provide direct heating and cooling.

The word “geothermal” originates from the Greek words “geo,” meaning Earth, and “therme,” meaning heat. Heat Source: The Earth’s core is extremely hot, with temperatures reaching several thousand degrees Celsius.

This heat is continuously generated by the decay of radioactive isotopes in the Earth’s mantle and core. Geothermal Reservoirs: Geothermal energy is sourced from natural reservoirs of hot water, steam, or rocks with high temperatures located in the Earth’s crust.

These reservoirs are usually found in regions with high geothermal activity, such as volcanic areas or tectonic plate boundaries.

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Step by Step Video Guide to Geothermal energy working model

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