Acid Rain Explanation in English

Acid rain is like regular rain, but it’s a bit different. When rain forms in clouds, it’s supposed to be just water.

But sometimes, when there are certain chemicals in the air, they mix with the water droplets and make the rain a little bit sour or acidic.

This happens because of pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which come from things like cars, factories, and power plants.

These chemicals go up into the sky and mix with the clouds. When it rains, these pollutants come down with the water.

When this “acid rain” falls on the ground, it can harm plants, trees, and even buildings. It’s like giving them a little acid bath, and over time, it can make them sick.

That’s why we want to be careful with pollution, so we can help keep our rain clean and safe for everything it touches.

Demonstration of ACID rain working model

The acid rain working model provides a visual representation of the concepts behind acid rain formation, its impact on the environment, and the role of natural processes in mitigating its effects.

This hands-on project encourages discussions about environmental stewardship and the importance of reducing pollutant emissions

acid rain working model

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