10 Electric Science Project Working Model with Explanation

Here are 10 electric science project working models that you can consider for your science project:

innovative hydraulic brakes working model to generate electricity
innovative hydraulic brakes working model to generate electricity

Simple Circuit : Create a simple circuit using conductive materials, batteries, and LED lights to indicate progress.

Simple Circuit Working Model

Homemade Electric Motor: Build a basic electric motor using a battery, magnet, copper wire, and a small coil. Observe how the motor spins when electricity flows through the wire.

Homemade motor

Potato Battery: Use potatoes as batteries to power small devices like LED lights or clocks. Connect copper and zinc electrodes to the potatoes to generate a small electrical current.

Potato Battery

Lemon-Powered Light: Similar to the potato battery, create a lemon-powered light by inserting copper and zinc electrodes into a lemon. Illuminate an LED light using the generated electricity.

Lemon Battery

Hydraulic Elevator: Construct a small-scale elevator using DC motor.

Lift working model

Homemade Electric Conductor or non conductor : Build a simple Electric Conductor or non conductor finder using batteries, switches, and wires.

Electric bell: Create a functional electric bell using a switch, a bell, and a battery. When the switch is pressed, it completes the circuit and rings the bell.

powerful alarm/bell

Series and Parallel Circuits: Construct both series and parallel circuit setups with multiple bulbs and switches. Compare how the bulbs behave in each type of circuit.

Series and parallel Circuit Working Model

Fruit-Powered Clock: Use fruits like oranges or apples to power a digital clock. Connect the fruits in series to generate enough voltage to run the clock.

Fruit Electricity

Solar-Powered Water pump : Build a small solar powered water pump powered by a solar panel. When exposed to sunlight, the solar panel generates electricity to drive the dc water pump motor.

These models can help you understand and demonstrate various concepts related to electricity and circuits while providing an engaging and educational experience for your audience.

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