HowToFunda was founded with the reasons that students, teachers, and parents were struggling to make the school models during the school or science exhibitions due to the complexity involved in making the model which is a hard nut to crack.

In the current education system, the term science exhibition refers to science projects, science presentation and implementing the science working models as prototypes, which students to exhibit the learning made by the students.

The science exhibition is a very important event to help the student to prepare towards science projects.

The science exhibition helps the students in improving the presentation skills and also increases the interest in science or any other subject.

Being the parent myself did not find the right content or information on the school project model in one place.

student showing the kidney model for school science exhibition

Where I could see all over the internet students, parents bombarding with various questions on the school models like mentioned below but not much information on how to solve this in one place.

give some secondary school maths projects and models?
latest any physics working model?
social model projects?
Please help with my school project?
ideas on school projects?
how to make the working model project?
I want to make a model for a school project?
My school project – help plz…?
Urgently need help for a school project?
what can I do for my school project?
Urgently need help for a school Project?
suggest me some high school project ideas!!!!
how 2 make a working model on a science project?

Hence I felt this is the biggest problem to solve, that’s how the HowToFunda youtube channel((howtofunda) started along with this website on the year 2018 covering step by step video instructions on how to make the school models that you can make just sitting at home without depending on anyone.

This would help millions of  parents, and teachers to prepare for their school exhibitions or science exhibition or science fair in their schools across the world.

My main goal is to make the simple school craft model for the school project which is easy to do and easy to learn about that model or project

To make this whole process of making the school model simpler in learning and demonstrating in the school exhibition in a confident way below steps were followed.

  1. Provided list of school project model ideas
  2. Provided the step by step video instructions on how to make the school model easily
  3. What materials are required to make the school model is also provided
  4. How to explain school model in simple concepts
  5. What questions will they ask in the school exhibition

The school project models are ranging on various topics such as science projects, physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, geography, nature, health, nutrition, environment and so on.

These school project working models are easy to learn and implement on your own by using the waste materials available at home or with the minimal cost items.

Also, our main theme of both website and youtube channel is that any craft or models which we do we mainly reuse the waste materials available at home such as newspaper, cardboard or cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, etc..

Each model or craft being explained to the students clearly with introductions, materials being used to make the model, question, and answers about that model to prepare for the school exhibitions and the conclusion about that project model.

I teach on how to make school models completely free and no cost is involved.

I only expect from you that if you like my videos or content, please give love by sharing the videos and articles to your friends so that they would also get benefit from it.


Founder & Youtube Creator – HowToFunda